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OC Birthday Contest Kyasarinn 

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Winners Package Results (Sept. 5. 2016)

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 5, 2016, 8:30 PM

Again, I apolgize for tardiness and slowness of the group. Work slowed things again, but barring anymore life events I'll be working on getting the train back on the tracks. Thank you for you patience. :iconarigatouplz:
If this is your first time seeing the Winners Package and are curious about it, information is found in question and answer 6 in our FAQ . :nod:

Also, feel free to drop by these deviants' galleries and browse their pieces, offer comments, favourites, or prizes for their hard work!

Below the feature are the results of these contests!


Winners Package Results!

Congratulations to the winners of Erynnia's Contest! See full results here

:trophy: 1st place :iconvioletice: with Shalina by violetice

Congratulations to the winners of Amarantheans's Contest! See full results here

:trophy: 1st place :iconcmloweart: with The Great Kings of Our Past by cmloweart
:trophy: 2nd place :iconlualady: with Your Dreams Are In The Stars by LualaDy
:trophy: 3rd place :iconsieskja: with Loneliness of Stars by Sieskja

:trophy: 1st place :iconchristianonfire7: with The Great Kings of Our Past“There was a time when the grandeur of stars in the sky did not exist. Back when the Great Kings of our past graced this earth with their presence.” The crowned creature lifts his large muzzle to look up into the star-shaped figures that beheld the astonishing glory above. “They lived and breathed, just as you and I do now.”
“Ho…how did they become a part of the sky?” a tiny spotted Cheetah cub speaks up from her nook hidden beneath the mighty Lion.
The Lion’s gaze briefly lowers to the three orphaned cubs at his paws, to look tenderly into their innocent eyes.
“They became the stars by the grace of our Creator. There was once a time when humans and animals walked side by side together, in a glorious garden…” the deep voice of the Lion dropped to a silent whisper. The memories of a long forgotten time playing out in the expression on his face, making it soft and fatherly. “Over time, men began to change.  They

:trophy: 2nd place :iconmagicaljoey: with Your Dreams Are In The StarsYour Dreams Are In The Stars
Your dreams, your goals, will always be
Up in the stars for you to reach.
But if you’re scared, just hold my hand
And make a wish – I know you can.
Your dreams, your goals, they can come true
For you have stars that follow you.
Reach for them now, travel by night,
And you’ll see those stars in bursts of light.
Your dreams, your goals, they’ll see a day
When they come true in every way.
But even if now they seem far
Away from you – reach for the stars –
Know that, though far, the stars are near
And your dreams are too…never you fear.

:trophy: 3rd place :iconkesbet: with Loneliness of StarsLoneliness of Stars
Once upon a time, on midsummer night,
A thirsty, brave fawn, standing by the shore,
Bent her little neck to drink from a lake,
When, beside a tree growing on a hill,
Saw a reflection of a fairy girl.
The long hair, darker than the night itself,
Silky skin, young, yet pale, bright as Moon crescent-shaped,
With nostalgia-filled eyes, looking at the water’s edge,
Making wonder the brave fawn, what she’s seeking there,
- Maybe, waiting for someone? Or in need for help?
- Only looking at the stars - whispered the tree,
By moving it’s branches on a gentle breeze,
Old enough to know the story of a girl,
Wished to be a star shining on the sky,
Living happier life, than the one she had. 
By the Light of Day, by the Light of Night,
Listen to my tale, dear innocent child.
Above tree crowns full of green leaves, 
Higher up than tallest of all mountain peaks, 

Congratulations to the winners of SemperPuppy's Contest! See full results here

:trophy: 1st place :iconhot-gothics: with When One Encounters a Grimmsy by Hot-Gothics

Skin by kuma-x

In the New Year Contest Winners!

Journal Entry: Sat Jun 4, 2016, 5:01 AM

Hello Deviants!

Thanks for your patience and all those that took the time to spread the news about this contest. Also, thanks to treseAnarchy who's been sticking around and really helping out with this group while my schedule has been hectic.

Without further ado, the winners! With them are the combined comments of myself and my fellow admin treseAnarchy.

:trophy:1st place:trophy:
Cat by cutecrochetNL

This artist not only impressed us with great work, but also the sincerity and practicality of aspiration as well for the continuing year.As treseAnarchy said this artist shows " real, actual, tangible plans. " Therefore we bestow first place!

:trophy:2nd place:trophy:
to Resolute by Kurifura

I think most artists can understand where this artist is coming from, and she so beautifully articulated it with this bright and beauiful painting with its hopeful, but anxious tone. Definitely watch this artist's work to see that movement forward in art!

:trophy:3rd place:trophy:
fly away by Lolita-Artz

I was so hoping we would have a photo-manipulation entry, and this certainly did not disappoint. I think this artist's plans for the new year are in many hearts of the creative: to be their own artist while learning from the masters. To borrow from treseAnarchy, "This artwork shows us that to achieve our goal in life, we cannot just rely only on our own self but we also need support from the people around us."

- -

Also, I want to draw attention to our qualifying picks. The stories and aspirations for the new year really impressed and moved me, and I think they should be shared! Therefore, I bestow the title of honorable mentions two these two below!

Honorable Mentions

There IS Hope by KumaMask

Mature Content

Thank you all who participated, hopefully we can hold more contests in the future!

For the winners: I'll be contacting the donors about your prizes, and doling out the prizes I'm responsible for sending when I return from work. Also, bonus prize, you'll be featured in our Permanent Page Feature on our front page!

Skin by kuma-x
More Journal Entries

Permanent Page Feature


:trophy: Mar 2014 radioactiveroach What you do 1st Place Winner :trophy:

:trophy: Mar 2014 sayoran13 What you do 2nd Place Winner :trophy:

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:trophy: Jan 2014 Thank's to we're super group for another year :trophy:

:trophy: 3rd Nov 2013 chameleonskyes I am no Picasso 1st Place Winner :trophy:

:trophy: 3rd Nov 2013 NEJOS I am no Picasso 2nd Place Winner :trophy:

:trophy: 3rd Nov 2013 RoseLuna I am no Picasso 3rd Place Winner :trophy:

:trophy: 25th Aug 2013 Kanamm Tales of Time 1st Place Winner :trophy:

:trophy: 25th Aug 2013 Bushaqua Tales of Time 2nd Place Winner :trophy:

:trophy: 25th Aug 2013 1Kit1 Tales of Time 3rd Place Winner :trophy:

:trophy: 3rd Jan 2013 BurningGlory Poem Winner in our TNBC Deleted Scene Lit contest :trophy:

:trophy: 3rd Jan 2013 bookbrink Song Winner in our TNBC Deleted Scene Lit Contest :trophy:

:trophy: 26th Dec 2012 WildWoodArtsCo won 1st Place in our TNBC Design contest :trophy:

:trophy: 26th Dec 2012 Hahli1994 won 2nd Place in our TNBC Design contest :trophy:

:trophy: 25th Dec 2012 QuizzicalHarpy won 3 month PM XMas Give Away :trophy:

:trophy: 25th Dec 2012 Rukaisa won 3 month PM XMas Give Away :trophy:

:trophy: 29th Sep 2012 NeonDragonGirl became the lucky winner of our ACG mascot contest :trophy:

:trophy: 29th Sep 2012 GreenMangos became 1of2 lucky runners up for our mascot contest :trophy:

:trophy: 29th Sep 2012 Kiarku became 1of2 lucky runners up for our mascot contest :trophy:

:trophy: 16th Mar 2012 MeganLawler94 & Missvirginia become co-founders :trophy:

:trophy: 2nd Feb 2012 ~ Thank you all who helped extend out super group subby ~ :trophy:

:trophy: 29th Dec 2011 Mamas-Art won 1st place for the doll maker contest :trophy:

:trophy: 29th Dec 2011 rins-art won 2nd place for the doll maker contest :trophy:

:trophy: 29th Dec 2011 08points won 3rd place for the doll maker contest :trophy:

:trophy: 31st Oct 2011 suraghazwan won 1st place vis halloween fan art contest :trophy:

:trophy: 31st Oct 2011 Chaotica-I won 2nd place vis halloween fan art contest :trophy:

:trophy: 31st Oct 2011 Aysleth won 1st place lit halloween fan art contest :trophy:

:trophy: 31st Oct 2011 RiversMoon13 won 2nd place lit halloween fan art contest :trophy:

:trophy: 5th Sep 2011 garden-of-dreams25 won photography cute vs horror contest :trophy:

:trophy: 5th Sep 2011 :devImprefectlink: won animation cute vs horror contest :trophy:

:trophy: 5th Sep 2011 Si3art won traditional art cute vs horror contest :trophy:

:trophy: 5th Sep 2011 NewInsanity won 3D cute vs horror contest :trophy:

:trophy: 5th Sep 2011 RogerStork won digital drawing cute vs horror contest :trophy:

:trophy: 27th Apr 2011 JemikaM won 1st place visual colour contest :trophy:

:trophy: 27th Apr 2011 EloKomor won 2nd place visual colour contest :trophy:

:trophy: 27th Apr 2011 star-shine335 won 3rd place visual colour contest :trophy:

:trophy: 27th Apr 2011 ThisDeathNoteFan won 1st place lit colour contest :trophy:

:trophy: 27th Apr 2011 andishXD won 2nd place lit colour contest :trophy:

:trophy: 27th Apr 2011 RoyalBlackheart won 3rd place lit colour contest :trophy:

:trophy: 5th Mar 2011 kuma-x won our journal css contest :trophy:

:trophy: 2nd Feb 2011 CheekyStoat donated us a 'super group' 1 year subby :trophy:

:trophy: 21st Jan 2011 SorrowfulSeptember won our happy new year 2012 contest :trophy:

:trophy: 25th Nov 2010 Flobelebelebobele won our icon design contest :trophy:


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Hosting a contest! You can draw any of FIVE characters! The first place winner gets 60$! 
Deadline extends to March!
If interested, please go here -->
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